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A Grain of Rice An excellent way to start off a new year PDF A Grain Of Rice Author Evelyn Lau Nature Explore.eu Evelyn Lau S New Book Of Poems, A Grain Of Rice, Picks Up On Some Of The Themes She Covered In Her Last Wonderful Book, Living Under Plastic Once Again She Honours People, In Particular Family, And The Past The Presence And Importance Of Nature In Urban Spaces The Influence Of Other Writers On Her Life And In Her Career As A Writer A Grain Of Rice Includes A Passionate Suite Of Poems That Pay Tribute To John Updike S Life And Work He Is The Writer Who Has Most Influenced Her Writing Career Many Of The Poems In A Grain Of Rice, Her Sixth Book Of Poetry, Are Haunted By The Deaths Of Friends And Family They Explore Cultural History, Stories In The News, Travel And Places, Especially The Relationship Between Home And Our Nomadic Inclinations In Many Respects The Book Is A Meditation On Loss Grief And Aging, Family History, An Attention To Place Poems On Local Urban Social Issues Poems That Seek And Find Their Inspiration In Asian Culture And Literature All Form A Tapestry Of Faces That Simultaneously Defy And Embrace The Inevitable And Celebrate The Transformational. Evelyn s sixth poetry collection is an inspiration for living The recognition of the soul s journey on life s path Precise and exquisite language There is a deep and beautiful humility that lies in the shadows of each of the poems in the collection. I have been re reading poetry by Evelyn Lau Have you ever heard of her She lived on the Vancouver streets since age 14, homeless, bulimic, a prostitute to fuel her drug use Her traditional immigrant Chinese family wanted her to be a doctor, and rejected her creativity She was victimized at school for her race and oddness, so she ran away Her family disowned her They never reconciled At 18 she published Runaway Diary of a Street Kid, to critical acclaim It is a frank and gritty account of the life she led and very shocking but excellent.She had a long association with Child Services and somehow, probably due to her creativity, she survived all of this Of interest, she later had a long term affair with WP Kinsella Field of Dreams Shoeless Joe Smoke Signals who was 30 years her senior and a professor at UVictoria, B.C., Canada She is now 44 yrs and Re read before catching up with the author s latest, Tumour. Divided in four sections, Evelyn Lau s latest collection presents us the poet at middle age She is keenly aware of both the positive energies of love and creativity, but the shadow of death seem everywhere an entire section devoted to Updike, the lost parents, the past lovers No lo This was the first book I read of Evelyn Lau and what a great place to start I won the book through the First Read giveaways and am so thankful for getting Thank you Oolichan Press for giving me the opportunity for such a day of contemplative pleasure Lau s A Grain of Rice is a collection of many separate poems exploring different themes, but I found it to be one long contemplation on mortality She captures it s fragility so well One of my favourites, a shout out to John Updike, is Thinking of U pdike These are the lines, part way through that stood out, Even this o My personal view on poetry used to be, The less I understand and the pretentious it is, the better it must be This book totally changed my mind on the subject Lau s elegant, vivid, deceptively simple writing creates a complex life on a single page.

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