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Nobody's Perfect. I'm as Close as It Gets This series is my guilty pleasure I laughed out loud on the train when I was reading this one I so wish these books had been around when I was in middle school. Whatever You Do, DON T Read Jamie Kelly S Bestselling Diaries The Bestselling Dear Dumb Diary Series Is A Hilarious Hit Now Jamie Kelly S Diaries Have A Fresh Look And A Fun Twist Dear Dumb Diary Year Two Is Still Laugh Out Loud Funny But Everything Is Another Year Dumber As Jamie Continues To Grapple With Middle School S Big Questions, She Drops Even Snarky Gems Of Wisdom Like, Everybody Knows That The You Love Somebody, The Less You Try To Look Nice For Them, And People Don T Appreciate How Much Willpower It Takes To Do The Wrong Thing But Jamie STILL Has No Idea That Anybody Is Reading Her Diary So Please, Please, Please Don T Tell Her. This was a really good light hearted book and I would highly recommend it It s really interesting a pretty good if you want a light book to read quite quickly for example I finished in much less than a day P.S It s 121 pages. An okay book in the series, not the funniest but still a few good laughs. Originally posted www.bunnycates.com My Thoughts This is the continuation of the Dear Dumb Diary series I think it is geared toward those younger readers who grew up reading Dear Dumb Diary, and aren t ready to give up on the series even though they ve out grown it They get to keep reading it, and see the character grow right along with them If that makes sense.This book is so cute It follows middle schooler Jamie Kelly and is written through a bunch of journal entries I normally HATE books written as a journal, but I love it in this series I think it allows kids to connect with the main character better, and see feel like that could be me.In Dear Dumb Diary Year Two 3 Nobody s Perfect I m As Close As It Gets Jamie learns valuable lessons about ones Permanent Record and the bad things that can happen if when you try to game the system She also learns that maybe ALWAYS going along with whatever your friends say, even though you know it is probably wrong, is probably not the Jamie is inadvertently blamed for a substitute teacher being hit in the backside by a tennis ball because her best friend, Isabelle, is trying to frame Yolanda for dismissing her remarks about keeping a kangaroo After an interview with the assistant principal and also her new uncle , Jamie is exonerated of the crime, but made to feel bad that there are no extracurricular activities in her permanent record She and Isabelle sign up for everything under the sun chess club, gamers club, and even running club After one sweaty morning with them, Isabelle steals fancy coffee from the teachers lounge and the two perfume themselves with it, which gets them positive attention from the staff, who are all strangely addicted to coffee But why is there expensive coffee in the teachers lounge, and what does it have to do with the fact that noxious meatloaf is served to the students every week Strengths These are sup YESSSSS Stinker is back Welcome home, boy This one has a deeper plot that finallyFINALLYtakes on the issue of the cafeteria meat loaf yeccchhh once and for all Jamie Kelly still has a best friend in karate mistress at 13 Isabella, still has the Stinkable One for a frenemy, and still has a crush mildly on Hudson Rivers the 8th cutest boy in her grade, which makes me askwho s on first and now she s finally ha enough of the infamous meat loaf served with ugly panache from Ms Bruntford the Cafeteria monitor a monitor is also a lizard creature I invite readers to do the math on THAT so she may have come up with the ultimate plan for REVENGE With help from Isabella and her so so friend Angeline, the Reese Witherspoon of preteen hotness if you can call it that , she will steal into the teacher s lounge a teacher stronghold from which no one comes out ALIVE , rub coffee grounds into her armpits for that rich aromatic smell, THE best part of waking up , and challenge the status qu Middle schooler Jamie Kelly finds out, for the first time, that she has a Permanent Record Worried about her future prospects, she sets out to join as many extra curricular activities as possible, spurred on by her friend Isabella who always has a scheme up her sleeve Meanwhile, a mystery threatens the entire school why do they serve the cafeteria meatloaf if it tastes so terrible I thought this book was funny and quirky and had a sweet ending I liked the way Jamie s lessons and assignments in school were substantive, affected the way she thought, and could even teach the reader something Although some jokes were a little tasteless like making fun of fat people or nerds , for the most part Jim Benton s combination of deadpan and outrageous humor is pretty entertaining I d read some of his Franny K Stein books in the past, and this humor is similar but for an older crowd This is the first Dear Dumb Diary book I ve read, and I didn t start with the first one just because it wasn t che If you know me well, you know I ve always loved dear dumb dairy books Year 2 is great although the the first year is better This book is so true best friends do compete against each other at who s better at least some do, me and my best friend one of them are exactly like this I loved this book, well obviously, but I really do love Jamie Kelly s daires And I love the author, he being a boy can put himse This book was really interesting, but this book was funny too One of the main idea was that people didn t think that she wasn t smart So she tried to prove that she was smart, by doing things like science There was some weird things that I couldn t understand and it made no sense But after all it was a pretty good book I would recommend this book to girls ONLY but, if your a boy and you want to read it go ahead I would recommend this book because it sort of so

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Benton began his career in a custom design t shirt shop where he started designing his own characters At the same time, Jim did illustrations and artwork for magazines and newspapers People magazine named him the most visible cartoonist in America.Benton also created greeting cards and worked in the magazine and publishing industry In 1998, his SpyDogs characters became an animated series, T

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