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The Monsters of Templeton The Day I Returned To Templeton Steeped In Disgrace, The Fifty Foot Corpse Of A Monster Surfaced In Lake Glimmerglass So Begins The Monsters Of Templeton, A Novel Spanning Two Centuries Part A Contemporary Story Of A Girl S Search For Her Father, Part Historical Novel, And Part Ghost Story, This Spellbinding Novel Is At Its Core A Tale Of How One Town Holds The Secrets Of A Family In The Wake Of A Wildly Disastrous Affair With Her Married Archeology Professor, Willie Upton Arrives On The Doorstep Of Her Ancestral Home In Templeton, New York, Where Her Hippie Turned Born Again Baptist Mom, Vi, Still Lives Willie Expects To Be Able To Hide In The Place That Has Been Home To Her Family For Generations, But The Monster S Death Changes The Fabric Of The Quiet, Picture Perfect Town Her Ancestors Founded Even Further, Willie Learns That The Story Her Mother Had Always Told Her About Her Father Has All Been A Lie He Wasn T The Random Man From A Free Love Commune That Vi Had Led Her To Imagine, But Someone Else Entirely Someone From This Very Town As Willie Puts Her Archaeological Skills To Work Digging For The Truth About Her Lineage, She Discovers That The Secrets Of Her Family Run Deep Through Letters, Editorials, And Journal Entries, The Dead Rise Up To Tell Their Sides Of The Story As Dark Mysteries Come To Light, Past And Present Blur, Old Stories Are Finally Put To Rest, And The Shocking Truth About Than One Monster Is Revealed

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    yay my suspicions have been confirmed i am officially not a book snob i oscillate between thinking i might be a little bit of one,

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    Does this ever happen to you When I read something, I generally hear the words pretty much spoken inside my head as I read them Mostlythough

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    The author, a native of Cooperstown, NY has written a love tale to her town, renamed Templeton The name was a nom de place used by James Feni Cooper f

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    I finally abandoned this with only sixty pages to go Abandoned it without learning the answer to the central question the book asks who was my father Because I

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    Oops, I forgot to add this to Currently Reading while I was reading it That is my fatal Goodreads flaw Anyway, I breezed through this book in a couple of days it is a ver

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    Author Lauren Groff gives the reader a modern story, a fantasy and an historical fiction story all within her tale of Willie, returned to her family home, who embarks on a quest to

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    God, sometimes I love my job I commute two hours to and from work every day, and given current traffic conditions in the Austin area, you can go ahead and add at least another half hour to m

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    Maybe it helps to read mediocre books so you truly appreciate a good book when it crosses your path 1 star unreadable, 2 stars sorry to have wasted the time but did actually finish it, 3 stars is a no

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    You wouldn t know it unless she told you, but this is Lauren Groff s wacky love letter to Cooperstown, NY, where she grew up If you really want to enjoy this book, it s best to relax and just accept it all in a

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    I won t lie I m reluctant to give this book four starsbut, you see, I have to, because I DID get up early to read it and I did stay up until two a.m on a weeknight Heck, if I m being honest, while I did not stay home spe

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