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The Enneagram And Kabbalah: Reading Your Soul Patterns In Our Lives May Escape Us Reasons For Our Behavior Often Confuse

10 thoughts on “The Enneagram And Kabbalah: Reading Your Soul

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    Read this over the past few days, it s not bad as far as the references and usefulness goes I wouldn t call it great scholarship, but then many wouldn t consider Enneagram that either The author used a lot from Cordevero Tomer Devorah , and offered what I found useful s

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    This was a very interesting book I really enjoyed the author s viewpoint on matters of the Kabbalah I also very much enjoyed the theory of the Enneagram and how it correlates to the Kabbalah However, I did not enjoy the overly in depth information about personality profiles as de

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    I bet this is an excellent book I m pretty sure I can identify myself from the personality profiles included But I can t figure out how to get much if anything out of this book by myself I think it needs to be read in a group guided by someone with knowledge of the subject I think.

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