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The Colonels Daughter (Military Investigations, #3) Maybe a little less Rarely has the perp in a mystery ben so blatantly obvious The author has forgotten the mystery solver s dictum that, if a person keeps showing up, but has no real relationship to the development of the story, that person should be suspected immediately. I picked this book up in a second hand store last week because I d never seen a Military Investigation series before, not that any of my family is military It was a pegged as a suspense book, so that was another thing that drew me to it.It was pretty bad The writing was weak It was boring, especially having to read and read again of the on going same issues of why Michelle ran away, and why Jamison and Michele s relationship could never work out by the both of them Then it was pret The Colonels Daughter Military Investigations, 3 Pdf Author Debby Giusti Rarefishingbooks.co.uk A Ruthless Killer Is Targeting The Families Of Soldiers In A U.S Army Colonel S Brigade Special Agent Jamison Steele, Of The Criminal Investigation Division, Vows To Stop Him Because This Time, Jamison S Heart Is Involved The Colonel S Daughter, The Woman Who Loved And Left Jamison Without A Word, Came Face To Face With The Murderer Protecting Michele Logan Means Constant Surveillance And Solving The Mystery Of The Serial Killer S Motive Requires Asking Michele The Questions She Least Wants To Answer Questions That May Lead Them Both Into A Deadly Trap. This is the third book in the Military Investigations series It was pretty good and I m happy to report that I didn t know whodoneit until it was revealed, and I was a bit sad since I kinda liked the personThe romance was okay, though Michele did get on my nerves a bit with all her I can t love you and then I do love you stuffStill, t I enjoyed this book very much. This book is so vibrant as the tension mounts between Jamison and Michele as they test their past love for each other A criminal is threatening families living at Fort Rickman, and you can feel the ticking toward disaster as the end looms As is his duty, Jamison tries to protect Michele, a colonel s daughter, and others at the Army post I enjoyed experiencing the close knit community of the families stationed at Fort Rickman, as they cared for each other This story gives an extra appreciatio This book is so vibrant as the tension mounts between Jamison and Michele as they test their past love for each other A criminal is threa I liked this book much better than the other two in the Military Investigations series because I appreciated how Giusti brought a separated couple back together While I like both Michele and Jamison, they feel a bit too angsty throughout the book The build up t Debbie Giusti just keeps getting better with The Colonel s Daughter I was up reading until 2AM because I couldn t put it down So much action with CID agent Jamison who is determind to find out who is targeting the soldier s wives and protect Michele who stumbled upon the murderer and the kil I really enjoyed this book, and the line for early voting was SO long that I read the entire book while in line As usual, Giusti handles questions of faith with a delicate but firm hand The conflict within the heroine was so deep, however, that I think s This is a fairly interesting read I did figure out the bad guy very early on but questioned myself near the end I had kind of a hard time getting truly invested in the female lead She seemed kind of self centered at

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