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Surface Tension I loved this middle grade book It was short but not to short, didn t include any tacky love stories and had an awesome mystery I do so hate it when people try to make twelve year olds fall in love, instead of just be twelve This book is a perfect slice Cassie s family was not present when the mayor flipped a switch and drowned the town of Old Lower Grange Residents then moved up the hill and formed the town of New Lower Grange Cassie decided to enter the world when the old town was drowned 8 weeks early Having been a preemie baby Cassie has breathing trouble and therefore swims 6 laps a day She gets tired of the local pool and decides to swim in the lake that is Old Lower Grange School friend and town pity case, Liam, soon joins her Liam was involved in a horrible accident with his father when he was only 5 weeks old, resulting in awful scars covering his legs.Cassie and Liam quickly realize that something is wrong with the lake it s shrinking When they mention this to the town mayor, he becomes quite upset about it Why What s at the bottom When Cassie And Liam Start Swimming At The Lake Neither Of Them Realises The Dark Secrets That Lie Beneath As Summer Heats Up And The Lake Waters Become Lower And Lower, The Shocking Truth Is Slowly Uncovered And Soon, Both Their Lives Will Change Forever The day Cassie was born, her town got submerged While her mom was going into labor with her they were going the opposite way from the other people As her town was slowly getting rid of water she felt like she was drowning with all the mysteries.It all started the day Cassie was born The day Cassie was born it was a chaotic day because she was eight week early, her town was being submerged, and instead of going to safety she was going to the hospital because she was giving birth to Cassie Twelve years later Cassie feels like she was a mistake and that her parents thought that too There would be two types of conflicts in this book One would be considered person vs person because Cassie has doubt about herself and she thinks she was a mistake The other one would be considered nature vs nature because the town was submerged by water.The title relates to the book because Cassie s town was below water The setting adds to th This book was veryyy mysterious throughout, from start to finish It started with a girl named Cassie She was born eight weeks early, just a day late to seeing her almost hometown be drowned in 200 feet of water Cassie s lungs were not developed enough yet, and she was required to do exactly six laps of swimming everyday Swimming in the public pool where Cassie lived included too many interruptions for her, the last day having a particular interruption named Liam, who was pushed into her while she was in the water Liam s family went through a horrible and mysterious car accident weeks after Liam was born, they lost Liam s brother, and his father was put in a coma No one knew the cause of this unfortunate event, but Liam blamed himself.Meanwhile, Cassie sought a private place for her swimming, and resorted to the l Below is a dystopian fantasy esque book that follows Cassie, a girl who was born on the day that her town was drowned Yes, literally drowned the mayor flipped a switch and the whole town that they once new was submerged in water Twelve years after the drowing and relocating to Upper Lower Grange, Cassie and her friend Liam are determined to fill in the gray space They know something is weird, and they are go Overall, I enjoyed this book.I very much appreciated Cassie, the protagonist I thought Cassie was a thoughtful, sensitive, likeable character, who read a very realistic I also enjoyed the friendship that developed between Cassie and Liam, especially as McKinlay wisely refrained from turning that relationship into a cheesy love story Finally, the supporting cast of characters seemed to be realistic and interact with one another in the way that I would expect them too, including the dysfunctional relationships between Cassie and her family members, and they amongst themselves For me there were only two minor drawbacks One is that the book had a few too many repetitions really how many times do I need to have the spiky ladder on the fire tree described to me fewer than was in the book The other is that I was also looking for a bit depth, but then again, this was a short book aimed at th In the book Below By Meg McKinlay, a kid believes that there is a flooded town in the lake she swims in and her mom thinks she is crazy and tells her she needs to stop Then later in the story they dive under and find a road under the water which leads her to further exploration At the end of the story they another party that makes the main character think she will be flooded and sh I found Surface tension quite slow yet it was still intriguing to keep me reading Around half way through the book takes a turn and the pace picks up This is a rather quiet novel with unique characters As the charac The day that I was born, they drowned my town The mayor flipped the lever, and everybody cheered There were streamers and balloons and a really lame brass band The people of Old Lower Grange ate sausages and potato salad while they watched their lives sink beneath a wall of water. Cassie was born early As a result, she has been plagued with breathing difficulties throughout her entire young life thus far Her doctor has instructed her to swim six laps a day, every day, to make sure she is strengthening her lungs as much as possible.Cassie was the first baby born in the new town, after the old one was completely drowned on purpose Old Lower Grange was a town in the perfect location the problem, though, was that it was the perfect location for a dam, to provide easily accessible water to surrounding areas So, the town was ceremoniously drowned with the switch of a lever and all of the townspeople were relocated to a new place, intended to look nearly identical to the home they left behind.Although the old location is clearly sectioned off with signs warning that no swimming is allowed, Cassie has never really been one to pay attention to signs After all, Old Lower Grange is a modern day Atlantis, hiding many secrets under the waters And with the summer being hotter and drier than ever, the water has been gradually receding, threatening to expose the dark

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