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New Testament Study Guide, Pt. 2: The Infinite Atonement / Acts of the Apostles The Infinite Atonement The Acts Of The Apostles This Volume Is The Second Of Three On The New Testament It Discusses The Final Year Of The Savior S Ministry, His Prophecies Of The Last Days And The Nd Coming, The Last Supper, His Atonement In Gethsemane, His Torture, Crucifixion And Death On Calvary, Followed By His Mission To The Spirit World, His Resurrection, His Day Ministry Among The Apostles, And His Ascension Into Heaven We Follow The Early Ministry Of The Apostles As They Lead The Church During A Period Of Rapid Growth From The Day Of Pentecost To The Calling Of Saul, We See The Gospel Taken To All The World, Including The Gentiles As Well As The Jews The Cover Features The Classic Image Of The Last Supper Painted By Carl Heinrich Bloch In New Testament Set A Companion To Your Study Of The New Testament, The New Testament Study Guides From The Making Precious Things Plain Series Are A Rich Resource For Teachers, Students, And Gospel Scholars Alike In These Three Volumes Full Of Supplemental Material, Dr Randal Chase, A Veteran Institute And Gospel Doctrine Teacher, Shares Years Of Insights Into The Scriptures By Exploring The Historical Context Within Which The Events Of The New Testament Occurred, Providing New Depth And Understanding Readers Will Enjoy Dr Chase S Relaxed Style And Easy Presentation As They Gather Information, Clarification, And Quotes That Can Be Used For Either Private Study Or Public Speaking These Unique Study Guides Will Be A Welcome Addition To Any Library, And They Will Broaden Your Comprehension Of The Greatest Story Ever Told Concerning The Life And Ministry Of The Messiah, Jesus Christ They Will Also Have A New Comprehension Of The Progress Of The Church After The Savior S Ascension Into Heaven As The Apostles Led The Rapidly Growing Church Lastly, This Series Provides New Depth And Understanding To The Epistles And The Book Of Revelation Dr Chase Has Also Released Volumes Each On The Book Of Mormon, Church History, And The Old TestamentFull Set A Must For Every Book Of Mormon, Gospel Doctrine, Seminary, Or Institute Teacher And Student Making Precious Things Plain Is A New Series Of Gospel Study Guides For The Four Standard Works Of The Church This Volume Set Of Gospel Doctrine Study Guides Is Without Question, The Most Comprehensive And Fully Documented Work Of Its Kind In The Church Dr Randal S Chase, A Veteran CES And Institute Instructor, Provides Insights Into The Background, Meaning, And Chronology Of The Scriptures In A Relaxed And Understandable Style The Stories, Quotes, Examples, Maps And Illustrations Are Unequaled In Any Other Reference Guide Of Its Kind In Print Today Readers Will Find Their Information, Clarifications, And Quotes Valuable Assets In Their Personal Studyx Large Format Easy To Read Text, Pages, Softcover, Table Of Contents Ch Title Scripture Refs THIRD YEAR OF JESUS MINISTRY Cont D The Good Shepherd Lk Jn Wordly Vs Spiritual Wealth Mt Mk, Lk , Humility Service Gratitude Finding The Lost Mt Lk Saving Power Of Faith Raising Lazarus Lk Jn THE WEEK OF ATONING SACRIFICE Condemning Priesthood Hypocrisy Mt Mk Lk Jn Signs Of The Second Coming Mt JS Matthew Parables Of The Latter Day Kingdom Mt The Last Supper First Sacrament Mt Lk Jn Holy Spirit Great Intercessory Prayer Jn The Atonement In Gethsemane Mt Mk Lk Jn Jesus Crucifixion Death Mt Mk Lk Jn RESURRECTED DAY MINISTRY ASCENSIONa The Resurrection Of Christ Mt Lk Jn B Jesus S Day Ministry Ascension THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES Witnesses Of His Glory Acts Whence The Apostles Growing Church Saul S Conversion Acts A Welcoming The Gentiles Acts APPENDIX Life Ministry Of Christ, Chronological List Of Events Paul S Life Ministry, Chronological List Of Events Special Chapters Providing Additional Information

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