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Trick or Treat (Point Horror, #6) I read this when I was a teenager and just reread it I didn t remember anything about the story, but I did remember the cover well used to love that picture of the old house So spooky looking FYI, I pretty much give 5 stars to all my old favorties from back in It was a fun Halloween book but not a great read You have to go into it knowing it s probably not going to be that great My full review will be on my booktube channel at Martha moves into a new house, the old Bedford house, together with her new step mother and her step brother The house was the scene of murder and seems to be evil Now Martha receives mysterious calls and she feels quite frightened in her new home The murderer from back then, Dennis, is missing Martha resembles the victim, Elizabeth It s a youth orientated story, girls romanticizing certain boys, highschool surrounding, well and then there s Halloween just round the corner The killer wants to strike at Halloween and see Martha dead Who is he Overall professionally and well written, okay a bit tedious in the middle of the book, but to my taste a bit too youth orientated It was like watching one of those This Point Horror has a great set up, but with the main protagonist Martha being really annoying I also the second of the novel not really paying off, this seemed like a miss hit by Cusick.With her father remarrying Martha moves into the Bedford house with him She soon learns of the houses informs history as the previous Halloween a young girl was murdered in Martha s bedroom.I absolutely loved the location, I could get a real sense of Martha s isolation It was just a shame that she was really I wish they still made audiobooks like this it felt like was listening to a movie I listened to Trick or Treat on YouTube link here and I was enthralled I have never listened to an audiobook where nearly 9 different voice actors are included and sound effects such as rain, music, bells, and birds were used If you love YA Horror, you need to grab a pair of headphones and listen to Trick or Treat now Richie is a wonderful writer and the actors, though a little cheesy, were believable and kept me wanting to carry on with the story One thing you have to remember going to these The Point Horror Tapes is that they were recorded in the 90 s But I still enjoyed this one I will be l This is a milestone for me.My first YA Point Horror read ever I have a few Point Horror s and other YA horror books to read and I am definitely looking forward to reading them.I am in my 40 s so not really the intended audience for this story and I read the book within this context It is YA I am middle aged So why read these books Well, for a start they have fantastic covers I find these books during my book hunting and they leap out at me Finding old horror books is rare so I will grab these off the shelf They are people s favourite books of their youth and opened up the world of horror to them I am curious to read these YA books which I did not experience as a YA.After reading this book the biggest reason for doing so is this.Time Travel.When reading this book I felt like I was travelling through time to my YA youth It took me back to my younger self I can just imagine my YA self interacting with the characters.Martha s dad has just remarried to Sally who has a son, Connor He is around Martha s age but they are not the best of friends The new family move into a isolated house which is in the middle of the woods, has a ceme PDF Trick Or Treat Point Horror, 6 By Richie Tankersley Cusick Bandcamptomp3.co.uk A Young Girl Is Tormented By Her New House S Terrible PastMartha Wants To Be Happy For Her Father She Likes His New Wife Even If She S A Terrible Cook But She Doesn T Understand Why They Had To Leave Chicago And Move To This Horrible House In The Country It S Big, Broken Down, And Miles From Anywhere, Alone In The Woods With Nothing On The Property But An Overgrown Cemetery But At Night It Doesn T Feel Empty Conor Her New, Weird Stepbrother Chose Martha S New Room For Her It S Dark And Drafty, And No Matter How She Tries To Fix It Up, She Can T Sleep Easily There At Night, Whispers Come From The Closet, Filling Martha With A Sense That Something Terrible Happened Here She S Right Not Long Ago, The House Was The Site Of A Gruesome Murder When Conor And Martha S Parents Leave Town On Their Honeymoon, The Two Teens Will Find Out Why The Dead Don T Rest Easy At The Old Bedford House This Ebook Features An Illustrated Biography Of Richie Tankersley Cusick Including Rare Photos And Never Before Seen Documents From The Author S Personal Collection. In my opinion, this was not Mrs Cusick s best novel I did enjoy the descriptions of the weather I m a huge fan of meteorology Weather descriptions especially Fall and Winter in books really set the mood and place me there I ll post later. I can t believe that finale I was positive that I ve pegged the actual perp since around the halfway mark, but I shouldn t have been so cocksure This book ran scarlet, not with blood but with all the red herrings the author built like an impenetrable brick wall It straddles a fine line between being ingenious and unsporting, but in the end it s all good.Cusick can certainly create a menacing atmosphere, and the deadpan irony of her wittier characters First of my Point Horror re read.This book is ludicrous I loved it However, I can t possibly give it 5 stars because my loving something doesn t necessarily mean it is good I love Take Me Out, I m partial to a KFC and the last song I downloaded was Will2k Recap of the story Martha and Conor are step siblings thrown together after their parents whirlwind romance they ve been moved out from Chicago to the town of Bedford and a ramshackled roaming house with potential They go to school, meet Blake and Wynn, Martha inevitably starts dating Blake, their parents disappear for weeks on end to Hawaii and then Martha begins to get the heebie jeebies about the house Turns out, Elizabeth, Blake s former girlfriend and Wynn s BFF, was murdered IN HER ROOM OMG WTF ARGH Wynn found her and apparently has amnesia about the whole thing So Problems The Parents I m not sure it is even legal to leave your 16 year old for that length of time, especially in the care of a sibling who isn t even of age yet Obviously, the parents needed to be gotten rid of in the story early on But still It was very premature and frankly hilarious They didn t even call They are the worst Is it a murder story or a ghost story Conor is drawn by an irresistible force to the mausoleum The room is ice cold T

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Richie Tankersley Cusick is the bestselling young adult author of over 25 titles, including two adult horror titles, Scarecrow and Blood Roots Her popularity grew at the height of the horror YA boom in the late 80 s early 90 s, particularly with books like Lifeguard , Trick or Treat and Teacher s Pet , just to name a few, allowing her to keep company on the bestseller paperback lists wit