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Sevin Lord Sevin Satyr Indulges Freely In The Delights Of The Flesh Within His Infamous Salone Di Passione, The Talk Of S Rome Surely The Humans Who Would Deny His Kind Their Pleasures Can Be Persuaded To Share Them In A New Salone He Plans Just For Them Above All, The Beautiful Alexa Patrizzi Fiery And Spirited, She Is Made For Sin Sevin S Younger Brother Lucien Possesses Powers He Cannot Control Held In The Roman Catacombs As A Sex Slave Until He Was Eighteen, He Finds Refuge In The ElseWorld And Sexual Healing In The Arms Of Natalia, A Maenad, Who Thinks Luc Too Beautiful, Too Young For Her But When His Mirrored Eyes Heat To Molten Silver At Her Touch, She Can Only Love Him

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    This was two stories in one, oraccurately one story ending 2 3 of the way into the book and the lesser story becoming the primary story for the last part of the book It is not my favorite of the series, but for fans of the series still worth reading It was also different in that it really was not erotic as the other stories More hot sex would have warra

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    I was curious to see what anybody else thought of this, but for once I believe this book has hit down under first Well after reading the earlier books in the series, I was looking forward to reading Sevin It was a good trip down memory lane back into the world of the Satyr family, though it was a quick trip as the book ended before I felt it really began.Happy to

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Sevin holds a grudge against her due to the harm her family caused his but it the attraction and being forced together on a Calling night changes things quickly He does an about face and wants to claim and mate her but the Sons of Faunus have other plans for them both Intrigue, sharing her with

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    Sevin by Elizabeth Amber is part of her The Lords of Satyr series and consists of two tales, Sevin and Lucien These two brothers of the Roman Satyr clan are still unmated Sevin hasn t found a female that he wants to bond with and his concern for his damaged brother, Lucien, dictates that any female that becomes part of his life will necessarily have to accept Lucien as well particul

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    I was disappointed in this book After waiting for this installment of a series I adore I was expectingIt wasn t nearly as well thought out as her previous books or as erotic Nothing new was offered and it was lacking several elements, not the least of which was the steamy love scenes, which have made the past books so compelling that I read them in a day This one took me about a week, I read

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    3.5I thought that the stories were better in these books than in the others that I read I had stopped reading after book 3 I was disappointed that Lucien s story got swept under the rug and was basically a total rush job I thought that after all he had been through, he definitely deserved better The book did give me a renewed interest in the series though So, I think I ll go back and read the ones that

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    I was a little disappointed in the addition of a Luc novella Given his history in this series, I think a whole book could have been dedicated to him I thought Sevin was o.k the whole series feels as if it s over now that Elseworld creatures are know to earth Where does it go from here I just don t think an Elseworld brothel will do the trick in providing a mutually peaceful resolution between humans and elseworl

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    Not enough nitty gritty for me like in the first 3 books to this series With Sevin and Lucien s story they felt rushed Enjoyable but wanted way .

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    I can officially say that Ms Amber is consistent Sevin is panty melting hot, but she followed her pattern that she started with the first set of satyr men books 1 4 , ending a series quickly and abruptly, but in a good yet frustrating way.Sevin is the brother that was always left behind Many years ago, his parents died and he also lost his three brothers Left alone at a very young age, he wondered and tries to understand his existe

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    I ve been follow the Satyr series for a few years and I am quite addicted to the world that Elizabeth Amber has created.For those of you that don t know, this series is a paranormal Erotica series featuring 2 Satyr clans.The first clan is based in the 1820 s The Tuscany Clan features Nicholas, Raine, Lyon, Dominic.The second clan is based in the 1880 s The Rome Clan features Dane, Bastian, Sevin.A little history about the Satyr clans They ar

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