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A Necklace Of Skulls Eunice De Souza, One Of India S Leading English Language Poets, Has Been Writing Poetry For Than Three Decades Her Poems In Collections Such As Fix 1979 , Women In Dutch Painting 1988 And Ways Of Belonging 1990 Have Been Critically Acclaimed And Reflect A Strong Sense Of Individuality And Feminism Compelling And Succinct, They Dwell On The Themes Of Love, Relationships And Family Through Her Poetry Eunice Explores The Dependency Of Lovers And The Fraught Relationships Between Parents And Their Children She Also Examines The Roman Catholic Community She Grew Up In, Exposing It For Its Hypocrisy And Conservatism Relying On Sound And Rhythm, Her Well Chosen, Hard Hitting Words Bring Out Her Sharp, Clear Imagery A Necklace Of Skulls Contains All The Verse Eunice De Souza Has Published During Her Illustrious Career, As Also Unpublished New And Early Poems This Is A Profoundly Intimate And Intensely Personal Collection.

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    It s a shame that I waited this long to read Eunice de Souza s best poems She passed away just last week and I was reminded that I d been meaning to readof her poems Apart from a total of five I d gone through in my lifetime, I di

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    Switches between brilliant lucid pieces, completely incomprehensible abstractions and hopelessly mundane mediocre verse Overall worth a read to find the good ones.

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    Mostly succinct, sometimes outrageous, always thought provoking This collection of poems leaves a mark.

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    I remember reading Eunice de Souza in my undergrad years, and the exhilaration I felt at discovering her words Pillar still remains my favourite poem All her poems seek to provoke outrage, reveal the grotesque and they do it with such such careful satire, my g

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    After reading this poetry collection I felt the dilemma inside my mind Is it me who don t understand the poetry or the writer is just writing crap Every single poem was so horrid and outrageous that I started to feel like I should give up reading I sugges...

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    Some really good pieces in this collection Her writing is enjoyable if you get her context and influences Her work certainly isn t for everyone Read samples before buying I really liked it.

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