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Confessions of a Tarot Reader Lessons Learned From The Cards, And The Incomparable Jane Stern

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    Jane Stern has jumped the shark I really hate to do this because I thoroughly enjoyed the Encyclopedia of Pop Culture and the Encyclopedia of Bad Taste but I cannot givethan one star for this steaming pile of woo derp.The one major flaw in this book is that it s based on the c

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    Okafter viewing the reviews and criticisms of the historical, social, and occult roles of the Tarot, I need to rectify the record Before basing a final opinion what is and is not the cultural role use of the Tarot, one should provide arobust, scholarly list of sources, rather than

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    A fascinating sort of memoir manual about Jane Stern s previously unknown life as a tarot card reader, she is a fourth generation tarot card reader, though she s most known as a food writer with Michael Stern and is often heard on NPR s Splendid Tabel talking about road food In this boo

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    As a Newbie , I have tried to use my Tarot cards togive me knowledge of the present and future and its accompanying problems I can now tell I was a bit offin my own interpretations compared to Ms Stern s Perhaps I have tried to put too much of a personal spin on each card I overturned The au

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    On the positive side because I don t want to be totally negative, I did like the fact that she chose this newer atmospheric deck to illustrate the pages instead of the typical Rider Waite cards The book is reallyabout human drama than about the Tarot and it s good for that reason but I wish it wa

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    Based on inaccurate history which is kind of bad for a nonfiction book But it presents the false information comprehensibly, and the illustrations are nice, so I won t be chucking it out the window.I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway.

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    For those of you who know me, you are probably thinking What the Heck This book got five stars It s about Tarot Card Reading And, yes, that is exactly what it is about but I loved it Let me elaborateThis author did a very good job at teaching me of her conviction of tarot card reading through telling a sto

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    Based on the title I expected this book to be full of stories of a tarot card reader and her readings and clients When I started reading this book it became apparent that the author wanted to teach about the deck, but I was still expecting a good amount of anecdotes Unfortunately this is really just a how to bo

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    Really good I enjoyed reading her insights into some of the card meanings She put a pretty interesting spin on some cards that I ve NEVER heard before not that I m an expert I enjoyed just about every bit of what she had to say about the cards As for the rest, she s an odd duck I usually enjoy reading about odd duck

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    Jane Stern is an amazing writer and personality There s no denying that Her book Confessions of a Tarot Card Reader was a great introduction into understanding what the cards hold and how each applies to our daily lives I love the explanations and comparisons However, as a seasoned card reader myself, I found the book ..

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