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Diary of a Lottery Winners Daughter Read Diary Of A Lottery Winners Daughter Penelope Bush Bandcamptomp3.co.uk You Ve Changed, Charlotte Johnson, And If That S What Having Money Does To People, Then I M Glad We Haven T Got Any I Can T Believe My Best Friend Just Said That It S So Unfair She Thinks I Ve Changed Because Of The Money, But I Know I Haven T She S Changed Towards Me Charlotte Hopes All Her Dreams Can Come True When Her Mum Wins 3.7 Million On The Lottery But Being Super Rich Turns Out To Be A Lot Complicated That She D Expected.

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    Started reading this book ages ago and I have enjoyed it, so I don t really know what made me loose interest in reading it half way through I like Penelope Bush s works, although I prefer Alice in Time to Diary of a Lottery Winners D

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    This book is totally fabulous it is full of surprises Charlotte one of the main characters and her mum wins the lottery and they become millionaire s but is it a really good thing to be rich well this book tells you how your life changes when

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    I brought my book Diary of a lottery winners daughter when I was in year 5 and by now I have a least read it about 6 time it is a really entertaining book from winner Auther this book is a bot a girl who has a poor family at first, the while they are in

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    Always loved this book, and whenever I read it, it feels nice and at home I love the moral to this story, that s also filled with cool little quips and quirks One of my long time faves.

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    This is a great book and kind of realistic The characters are relatable and it shows money doesn t solve all your problems or buy happiness

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    Link to the review

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